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Oahu Beaches, always open

It’s the end of August,  school is in, and beach time is almost gone; here in Pennsylvania.  But in Hawaii the beaches are always open. In this post I just want to share the different beaches in Oahu that we visited in April.  They are all pristine in their own way, and offer wonderful views of incredibly blue ocean.  You go to different beaches for different reasons. What do you want to see, or do?  Surf, swim, snorkel, sit or just watch people? The choice is yours. First up? Waikiki Beach. Reason? Sometimes you don’t even need one, you just gotta do it. DSCF4758

There are so many views and pictures you can get of this most popular beach area on the island.

This view is from the top of Diamond Head. Here we are looking down from one iconic land mark to another, The pink Royal Hawaiian Hotel.


At some point you have to get this shot of Diamond Head.


Ft DeRussy, with its grass, picnic tables and trees, is not to be missed.


But now it is time to get out of town and head to beaches for other reasons.  Come early to beat the crowds and take a look at beautiful Hanauma Bay.


The water is so clear you can almost see the fish from above, but don’t miss the chance to get your head under water and take a look at what is going on in the world below.

A long time ago my friend and I made a climb right up the side of that mountain making a path as we went. You can read about it and many other days spent at Hanauma Bay, and many other of these beaches in my book A Wish Called Wanda.


Any beach along the Coco Head coast line is a feast for the eyes.


I love this secluded beach, can’t remember the name of it.  Can anyone help me out?


Some beaches are just for sitting, especially when the life guard is yelling “Do not get in the water unless you are an experienced body surfer.”   Fifty years ago there was no life guard at Sandy Beach and I bottomed out a time or two there.


Surf is pounding on the North Shore beaches.


Loved watching this surfer catch an unusual wave.


You gotta love it when the waves just keep on rolling in.


Speaking of surf, let’s go back to Waikiki to check in on Hawaii’s celebrated surfer, Duke Kahanamoku.


Recently Google gave him a shout out on his 125th birthday.


My favorite is watching the local surfers gather to hang out and catch the big ones.

So there you have it.  A tour of a few beaches on island of Oahu.

One more reason for checking out the water. You never know what you might see looking back at you.


There were several Turtle beaches that we went to, but this guy showed up in Waikiki.  You just never know.

Hawaii beaches offer up a lot of variety and beauty and we loved every minute we got to spend on one.


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The Long Anticipated Diamond Head Climb

Before leaving on our trip to Oahu, Hawaii I had viewed the Diamond Head climb on You Tube, read the advice from the tour ads, and took the reviews with a grain of salt.  Most of the comments talked about the climb being very doable, while others complained about the heat, the height, the stairs and the tunnels. Frankly I loved them all.  We followed the good advice of going early, and on the day in April that we chose to climb, it wasn’t very hot. I had my frozen bottle of water tucked into the back of my jeans which serves very well as a body cooler, and as it thaws, provides a much-needed drink along the way. The views from the heights were spectacular, the stairs were a bit of a challenge, (who doesn’t need one on a hike) and the tunnels were cool and flat providing a stair climb recovery.

Let’s get started!  We took the bus to the stop near the entrance and this is the first tunnel we encountered.  It’s the one Bruce and I drove through in the book, “A Wish Called Wanda,” when he had to show his military ID to pass.  That was 50 years ago, before the summit climb was available.



This is basically what we saw then, the inside of the crater. Today we went to the booth, paid our one dollar entrance fee and started going up.


Switch backs and look outs were all part of the fun of being able to say “I did it!”




I thought I would just mention that the picture of me going up these steps, bears no resemblance to this one.

The views start to distract you from the walking and climbing.

IMG_1373                  IMG_1379

Did I mention the rusty spiral staircase?  Just keep climbing, Just keep climbing.


By this time you have been in Word War II bunkers, a smaller darker tunnel than the first one and one last climb up a three rung latter out of the bunker and this is your first view down over the summit.


You can go out on a small ledge to capture this view of Kapiolani Park and downtown Waikiki.  The blue water extraordinaire captures every heart that goes to Hawaii.


There are more stairs to get to the very top. So up we went, by this time it was, “who cares about a few more steps,” but when I reached the top, I looked down instead of up, got the biggest scare of the day, and headed right back down those steps. No pictures from the very top for me.


I looked down and saw several of these little guys running around as I was about to take the next few steps to the very top.  Dee happened to spot one under this ledge on the way down. She was kind enough to get a picture of it for me.  For fear of stepping on one of these creatures, I left the premises. My reaction to the first sighting set off a chain of events, starting with a young Japanese man who jumped off the step and fell into another woman.  She was quite beside herself when accosted by man running from a mouse.  I simply walked down the steps and waited for my companions.      Aloha Oi Diamond Head, thanks for the memories.

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