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March comes in like a lion

March is an unpredicable month it can come in with the winter’s roar of a lion or the sweet breath of a new-born lamb.  Hopefully since it came in like a lion this year it will indeed go out like a lamb.  With a snowy, cold February behind us we were all hoping to leave the snow to February and welcome Spring to the air.  As I type this the snow is falling fast and furious with hours more before the end is in sight.   In the classic movie by the same name, the song indicates that in a perfect world, ie Camelot, winter would exit March the 2nd on the dot.  We can conclude then that we are not living in a perfect world, but we are living in a beautiful one.  The snow has provided many a scene and sunsets that can take your breath away with its beauty.   037

This winter I had my very first opportunity to go to an ice festival to see ice carvings in all shapes and sizes.  The occasion for being in the town where the festival was taking place was to try on wedding gowns, of all things.  Yes, my nieces asked me to go with them to try on wedding gowns to surprise my sister for her 50th wedding anniversary.  We chose a perfect one for her.


And she wore it like a princess through the touching ceremony and while visiting with friends and family afterward. She was only a little mad at me for not letting her in on the secret.


The fun for me was spending the day with my nieces, and seeing the ice sculptures as we hurried from one bridal shop to the next.



The store fronts offered winter charm as well.




This little guy is checking out how warm the seat is  before he gets his picture taken on the throne.



That was in February and how I enjoyed the day and the beauty of ice.


Today is March and we are having the worst storm of the year.  #not a perfect world.



Next time in April, I will be in Hawaii!!  #perfectworldcomingup.   Aloha!




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