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Family, Friends, Food, and Fun in Fall


It’s fall and we are heading to the orchard to get some apples.  Apple butter time is here and this year more fun was had by all because the weather was so very accommodating and it seems, more kids are accumulating.  This was the year for kid fun.


Young and older lined up to get in on the action.


No small fire emergencies with this hand crafted board.


The “redneck hover board”  was noisy, but it worked and everyone got in on the fun.


Meanwhile back at the apple butter kettle, the stirring goes on and on, from 6am to 3pm to be close to exact.


So the kids head to hills for a little sling shot fun with water balloons.



Once you are up there, how you gonna get down?  Jump in the barrel and roll down, of course.


How about sharing a swing big fella?

Meanwhile back at the kettle, it’s noon, all 12 bushel of apples are added and it’s time to gather round to give thanks for the mounds of comfort food that has been stacking up in the kitchen,



This year sister Brenda accepts the “copper kettle” award on behalf of the entire kitchen crew who fixes buckwheat cakes and sausage for breakfast, takes care of the many lunch offerings and bakes bread for when the apple butter is ready.


Tractor rides are free and so are the balloon rides. That is if you can pull that rope hard enough.


Oh my, what to do between lunch and the finished product??



As the kettle is emptied the copper pennies are counted and


The fresh baked bread arrives


All hands on deck to get the first taste.


Meanwhile things have been happening in the kitchen. The stirring is done, the kettle is empty and 174 pint jars are full.



And this is what we’ve been waiting for!


Fall is here,


with more beautiful days to come.


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applebutter day

So, a step away from the memory trip to Hawaii to bring you breaking news from the McFeaters family.  This past Saturday we had our annual family apple butter making day.  On Friday evening we gather to peel apples and share desserts and snacks.


On Saturday morning we gather at a different home to start the process of getting apples and a little cider into the copper kettle over an open fire.

While some work on that others work at preparing buck wheat cakes with sausage and wurst meat for a hearty breakfast.  There are those who still insist on syrup, but, in my opinion, why waste a good buck wheat cake?


While the endless stirring, and the addition of apples goes on and on, people arrive and children play.

The people arriving also bring, you guessed it.  FOOD!!  Yes this is actually a food frenzy disguised as an excuse to make apple butter. At noon we gather around the kettle as family and friends to thank God for our time together and our family heritage.

The family highlight of the day is presenting the copper kettle award to a person who has continued to be supportive and helpful on apple butter day.

The line forms at the front door picking out your favorites from three counter tops and a kitchen island laden with casseroles and crock pots simmering with good food.

The eating finale comes when the last of the steaming hot butter is put in a jar and the warm, fresh baked bread comes out of the oven to be slathered with apple butter fresh from the kettle.


This year we had a reporter from The Patriot, a Harrisburg, PA newspaper come to do a story of the apple butter day.  You can see her photos and read the story by using the link below.


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