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Saratoga stroll

Glad to be back after a long break recovering from my shoulder surgery.  Not there yet but making steady progress and can type with both hands instead of one.  We are on a trip to Hawaii.  The words are from my journal on a trip taken some 20 years ago (those pictures not on digital) with my husband.  These  pictures are from a girlfriend trip taken in April 2015.  I hope you like the meshing of the two.

The next day Dick and I wanted to see if the Trade Winds apartments, where we lived after we were married, were still there. It was a fairly long walk but Saratoga Road was on the way and I wanted to get pictures this time. Camera in hand we walked past Kuhio Beach


up Kalakaua


to Saratoga,


The pictures I wanted were of me standing in front of the street number and the trees that had served for a background for pictures taken 30 years ago and held stories to be told, if trees could talk.

and down to DeRussy.

From there we took the beach walk behind the Hilton Hawaiian Hotel where Doyle and I danced at the Kaiser Hospital party,

and viewed the Rainbow hotel from the lagoon where Dick and I had spent many hours watching the mosaic take form.


Out on the street again we were on Ala Moana Boulevard, passed the Ilikai with the glass elevator,


and then across the street to the Trade Winds. Dick remembered our number, 304 on the top, right in the middle. We walked up to the door and I stood in front of it while Dick took the picture.


Around the corner, twenty nine years ago, there was a little grocery store


where Dick and I would stop on our evening walks and get a banana Popsicle to enjoy on the way. On this trip there was some sort of Mart at the same location. We both had the same idea.

“I wonder if they sell banana Popsicles,” I said.

“Let’s go see,” was his prompt reply, as he opened the door, we make a mad dash for the back of the store. There was the small refrigerator in about the same location. Dick pulled out two yellow Popsicles and rushed them to the check out. Out of the store we tore it open and took a bite.

“Pineapple!!” We both declared with a sigh.

“Close enough” I said, and began the long walk back eating our Popsicles, just like old times.


The “corner store” is now an ABC store, and no longer sells ice Popsicles.  The picture is taken from the glass elevator just a few hotels down the street from the Ilikai Hotel as the Ilikai no longer has a glass elevator.  In the picture above the white car is passing in front of the building that used to be Kaiser Hospital where I worked.  It is now located out near Tripler.  Next stop? Dinner at The Top of Waikiki.

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Again I must thank traveling companion, Lisa for several of these pictures.  Wish I were more of a camera bug. Happy New Year!


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