People are talking about The Museum of the Bible

The Museum of the Bible is a great thing to talk about, especially after you’ve been there.   I have been hearing and reading about this new museum in the heart of Washington D.C., so I decided it was something I had to see.   Five of us started the trip down Rt 15 to Shady Grove where we caught the metro into Federal South West.  It was a cold and windy day, but at 9 AM the metro was not crowded and the ride was pleasant.  Coming up out of the hole in the ground we were greeting by signs that said Bible Museum this way. It was a left turn out of the metro. However, we opted a right turn first because it was lunch time and right beside the metro is a handy little sandwich shop called The Potbelly. Much like Subway it served up some good sandwiches that for the most part you crafted, but the door was always swinging open and the cold air coming in did not do much for a relaxing lunch.  In fact “heat” as in warmth was not on the menu.

After lunch a short walk to the left found you at the entrance to the museum.  First of all you will notice there are a lot of friendly employees around that will direct and answer any questions you may have.  They will also engage you in conversation if that is your desire.  Another ‘right off the bat’ notice is that the place is beautiful.  The stairways are wide, easy to navigate and very eye appealing.

Floors 4 and 5 are mostly ancient biblical history.  Many nice exhibits, however the larger screen videos which very cleverly told of some of the discoveries and visited some historic sites were really appealing to me.

Depending on your interest, you will want to spend most of your time on the second and third floors.  This is where my camera came out. We all enjoyed the walk through a Nazareth village.  Here is a scene of a wine making process.

Then there is an interactive stop where you sit around the table and hear of the foods that were eaten in the time period of Jesus, and other scenes of daily living.


The walk through the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament are very well done, and tells the story of the Bible in a “special effects” kind of a way you have never experienced before.

The second floor offers the impact the Bible has had on World and American History.

There is Martin Luther, and scientists.

There is a large screen video of movies that use Bible Verses to make a point and a display of familiar verses and sayings, in different languages.

This beautiful original painting of George Washington is on loan and is guarded through out the day.  We had a wonderful conversation with the very pleasant lady who had the job of standing in front of the picture for 8 hours.  I wondered who might be able to yank it off the wall, put it over his shoulders and try to walk out with it. Seems almost funny to think about, it’s so large and obviously heavy.  The detail is amazing and the picture is certainly worth the care it gets here at the museum.

We spent about 5 hours viewing many displays, and not having the time to engage in the numerous interactive sites, on 4 floors. There is much more to see and we have already planned a return trip. The museum asks only a donation and there are a number of displays that will change and new ones added.

The last thing we did was almost the best to my way of thinking.  It is called The Washington Revelations and it is a virtual flight over the nations capitol city to have a look at Bible verses on and in buildings and monuments in this beautiful city.  The 8 minute “flight” costs 8 dollars and is truly worth the unique experience.

I close with this picture of Christ and an invitation for you to “join the conversation”especially after you visit The Museum of the Bible and share your thoughts.









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I should have been a cowgirl, not!

Here’s my post on looking back for a laugh at where I’ve been and oh….. the things we did.

A Wish Called Wanda

Interacting with animals is one of our favorite things to do on a trip. When I’m away I am up for whatever is going down, a horseback ride in Turkey, an elephant ride in Zimbabwe or a camel ride in Australia, I’m there.
Who wouldn’t want to take a horseback ride through the farmlands of Turkey on gentle Sultan who was very tolerant of his inexperienced rider. As we were going down a steep rocky bank, I just hung on, closed my eyes and let the horse do his job.

Even though I look as comfortable here in the saddle as Dale Evans, (ah hem) the riding wasn’t the problem. It was the mounting that I recall. The first try to hoist myself to the horse’s back ended in sad defeat. The second try was not much better, and I pulled the saddle off to the side. I glanced quickly…

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It’s time for the New Year

Happy New Year everyone!! On a cold New Year’s eve I watched six different fireworks displays from my warm sun room window at midnight.  It’s the advantage of living at the top of the hill.  True, the colorful great balls of fire were distant, but the displays and the landscape were brilliant in the light of the super moon on the new fallen snow.

So today begins 2018, a blank page.  What will you do with your time? Over the past years Dick and I have been privileged to go on mission trips where we could help, teach, serve and work with people in different places and settings than we were used to. These experiences helped us to appreciate the times we have had to love, and share what God has given us. These were times that are very special to us.


Several years ago I wrote a short poem about time.  I called it A Time Piece, I would like to share it with you now. I hope it gives you pause to think about time and what you do with it.

“Once upon a time there was plenty of time for quiet time, play time, nap time, chow time, big time and party time. These were the times of our lives. They were precious times with lots of family time, church time, school time, lunch time and long leisurely dinner times.

Ah…………those were the best of times. Do you remember the good ole summertime, and the fun of winter time? In the springtime there was apple blossom time. There were good times anytime, always had some time even if I wasted time.

Suddenly times changed! Someone said now is the time, a stitch in time, one day at a time, and time is money!  So now I’m doing time…..full time, part time, overtime, all the time, for double time, but in the end there’s no time, anytime, daytime or nighttime.  Boss says your time is my time, make time, don’t take time and even if the computers on down time, there is no pay for comp time!

So where does time go?  Time rushes on, funny how time slips away, time and time again. Time marches on and time flies when you’re having fun, time after time.  Where has time gone?  Well it’s been past time for a long time. Can we turn back the hands of time to old times?  We try to save time and still we can’t find time, feel like I’m livin’ on borrowed time. Till one day you’re out of time, then you cry…..just give me a little time and I’ll take time to smell the roses.  

We know we have a short time, so there’s no time like the present to make up for lost time and take time for God.  It could be just in time, because, there comes a time when time shall be no more.”

By Wanda Gallimore 

From Ecclesiastes we have these selected verses about time “To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven……..He has made everything beautiful in it’s time. Also He has put eternity in their hearts and no one can fathom all that God does from the beginning to the end.  Whatever God does, It shall be forever. Nothing can be added and nothing can be taken away. Because of this men should stand in awe before Him. God shall judge the righteous and the wicked, for there is a time for every purpose and every work.”

Many of our travels revolved around mission trips that had a good purpose, and work……. but also we were given time to enjoy the culture, and the beauty of different places.  There is also time given to laugh, and as I look back on the times of the blog I am going to repost and share with you, I hope you will laugh with me as we look forward to the New Year.


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Gettysburg’s Victorian Christmas, and my Christmas card to you

Christmas JOY= Jesus is the reason for the season, giving to and serving others blesses you abundantly.

It was a beautiful day in historic Gettysburg, the second day of December and Christmas was all around on Steinwehr Avenue.  Six adults, one toddler and one infant started out on a grand walk down the avenue, prepared with a double stroller and plenty of hands anxious to help with the little ones.

This little guy was not happy in the stroller for long.  He was having the time of his life, practicing his recently accomplished goal of walking.

We were headed for a carriage ride with horses decked out in lots of jingling bells. When he spotted those big horses he made a quick jump for g-grandma’s arms.

We all enjoyed the ride through the streets that celebrated Gettysburg’s history as well as the season.

After the ride, he was ready to be friends with the horses.

We were dropped off in front of the historic Dobbin House, beautifully decorated for Christmas.

From there we continue our walk along the avenue. Dick comes close to getting a taste of a large ice cream cone.

Next stop, a visit from a Civil War era Santa. He was almost as perplexed here as he was with the horses.  So many new things to see today.

Later we enjoy the parade, and look who’s still all eyes, not missing any of the action.

But this little beauty never missed a minute of her daytime sleep. As snug as a bug in a rug, she also enjoyed the day.

This lovely day began our Christmas celebration, with almost a month to go I see many happy days ahead.

Merry Christmas to all of you from all of us.


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Orange you glad God made October

The color orange is never so prevalent as it is in the splendid month of October.  Flowers, trees and pumpkins all sing praises of the vibrant and appealing color of orange on warm sunny days with frosty mornings and cool evenings.

A trip to Hollabaugh’s market is a treat anytime, but in October it is a celebration of all things fall.  My trip this October was to accompany a school bus full of children anxious to get their first taste of apple cider, take a wagon ride through the orchards and pick five apples for themselves from the bin.  It was a rainy day when we were there but have no fear, there was no enthusiasm lost.

We disembark from the half hour bus ride to a multitude of colors.  The displays are inviting and a feast for the eyes.

Look here, look there, so many things to see.

“There are a lot of pumpkins here,”  was the comment heard from a wide eyed third grader. Yes, a lot of pumpkins.

Hollabaugh Bros. have been hosting bus loads of school children for many years.  Today we would take the bus ride first and then go inside and learn about the role of the bee in the orchard business.

We were thankful for the covered wagon to take us on a tour of the orchards on this 500 acre farm.

The rain slowed down to a heavy mist.  We got a little wet one time when the wagon brushed a tree hanging over the edge of the road. No damage done, only a lot of delightful squeals from happy children.

As we rode along the not too bumpy roads we saw the left over pumpkins and squash in the field, and learn of the only two perennial vegetable plants, which are asparagus and rhubarb. These happen to be the only vegetables in my garden. I love low maintenance plants that keep coming back.

When the tour brought us back to the buildings each visitor was allowed to pick 5 lovely apples from the big bin. Normally visitors pick the apples from the designated trees, but today it was too wet.  So the big bin it was.

Back inside we heard the story of pollination, complete with the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees.

Thanks Hollabaugh Bros. for letting us visit your beautiful farm, taste your cider and pick your apples.  It was a fun day and I enjoyed looking at all the crazy squash, as we got back on the bus.  The ride home was just a little much for the two that shared my seat. Before we hit Biglerville their eyes were closed and their tired little heads were bobbin.

I for one am glad that God made October. Enjoy these days while they last, November is just around the corner.


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In a cabin in the woods

Source: In a cabin in the woods

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In a cabin in the woods

Each year, sister Cindy invites her other sisters to the cabin she and her husband own about 2 hours from home.  We trek over the mountains, five in one car, with two days worth of food and luggage in the trunk. Sometimes we eat out, but this year we had so much food we ate in and took turns in the kitchen.

Eating in, is half the fun!

Playing Mexican Train or watching a chick flick wraps up a day that includes cooking, laughing, walking and just being together, away from the hustle and bustle of life. To add a little history and culture we also watched “Invictus” with Morgan Freeman.

Each year we do different things to make our time together fun and memorable.  One year we went to flea markets and yard sales. Then there was the year we toured historical sites in the area. Another time we visited a near by deer farm and the lady of the house made us the best chocolate cake ever and served us tea.

This is how and where we recall many of those memories.

So what to do this year?  It was later in the year than when we usually go and cooler as well.  We got the bright idea to make a batch or two of our mothers recipe of deep fried cake donuts. It was very likely that no one had made them for over 20 years, but we could all remember the sweet nutmeg taste and, when coated with powdered sugar they were quite a treat.  Cindy had the recipe, I had a deep fryer (of sorts) and the oil.  Someone remembered the rolling pin, and brown paper bags to drain them, once they came out of the grease.

We were set up and ready to go!!

Cindy mixed them up, Brenda rolled them out, I put them in the fryer, Linda made a flour run,

and Pat got the first bite.

We made two batches and brought some home for our families.  We learned a few things and feel we are in good shape to carry on this tradition.

There was also time for walks and a shopping trip.

One of the best times we look forward to is reading scripture and having prayer time for our extended families.

By the time we were ready to leave the serenity of this place, we realized some things had been added to the amount of stuff we had to take home, and “stuffing” the trunk was somewhat of a challenge, but it was met successfully.

In a cabin in the woods with sisters; tasting memories, sharing stories and loving the time we took from our daily routines to get together. It’s good to do that in times like these.


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It’s a beautiful day in Pennsylvania

I was driving home from town the other day, and about 5 miles from my destination, I had to stop. My car pulled up to a familiar spot. I parked and got out out, just because the air was clear, the sky was blue, the clouds were white and the fields were green.  The temperature was perfect, just the way I like it, not to warm, not to cool. There is a lookout tower at this spot and this kind of a day is always good for a little exercise, so I climbed up the stairs and the camera came out.  That is how this blog happened.  It simply was a beautiful day in Pennsylvania.

Did I mentioned that the barn was red and graces the landscape beautifully.


Green fields and tall corn indicates a relatively short, wet summer producing this kind of color as fall sneaks up on us.

Tranquility at its best from my vantage point.  I love the feeling of tranquility when I can pause from a busy day, take in a deep breath and feel peace in my soul.  Even when I know peace does not abound everywhere, in this moment, in this picture there is the feeling of peace.

Aren’t you glad to see the bicycler in the yellow made it up the hill, and as we look this direction we see reminders of a time when things were not so peaceful on this hill overlooking the town of Gettysburg.

Don’t miss those puffy white clouds floating high above the green, green grass of home.  It’s time to leave my perch up in the tower and head down the road. Another quick stop and another snapshot reminded me of a hope we have here in our town.

The eternal flame at the peace memorial.

Now I am really on my way home, but can’t shake the feeling of this lovely day.

One more barn catches my eye and brings my car to a stop. It’s the barn where my dad made his living, milking cows and raising corn, to feed his family of nine children. It’s empty now, but remains full of memories, especially on a day like this.

I made it. I am finally home, time to put the camera down and get to the tasks of daily living. But really, who could resist this peaceful view from my back porch? You know I love to travel, but I thank God every day for this.  The air is clear, the sky is blue, the clouds are white and the fields are green.



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A day in “the burgh”

Did you ever wonder why Pittsburgh is spelled with an h on the end while other “burgs” end with a g.  Well I never thought much about it until I spent a day touring “the burgh.”  I don’t usually refer to Harrisburg or Gettysburg as “the burg,” but it didn’t seem at all strange to call Pittsburgh “the burgh.”

With a little research on Google I came up with this answer.  “The city was originally named for William Pitt the Elder, but it was General John Forbes who did the naming. His Scottish background is the reason for that extra “h” —-think Edinburgh.  To edit the spelling to the German “burg” was akin to editing the city’s founding.  After 20 years of complaints, the Board finally overturned their previous decision on Pittsburg(h)’s controversial consonant on July 19, 1911.”  Of course people do call it “The Burgh” but it is also famous for its three Rivers that join at the point.  Can you name them?

The Ohio River runs very close to the popular Three Rivers Stadium, the other two are the Allegheny which flows south from New York, and the Monongahela which flows north from West Virginia. They come together at the beautiful Point State Park shown in the first picture.

To see all these sights we took a run up the Duquesne Incline to have a look from the top.

We enjoyed the ride, the views, and

I was almost surprised that the city continued at the top of the incline.


We were fascinated by these historical pictures.    Time changes things.

From there we took in the walk along “The Strip District” in old Pittsburgh.

Not too surprising, we encountered multiple Pittsburgh Steelers souvenir shops, but a walk along the half mile strip offers many other opportunities for retail therapy. Husband Dick was 8 weeks out with total knee replacement and was doing well. He stopped for a rest while I was busy looking and taking candid photos.

Some parts of it, like this old grocery store, reminded me of being in a foreign country.

The one thing we were told we had to do was to eat at a Primanti Brothers restaurant and devour one of their signature sandwiches.  No problem, except we just got one and split it. Yes, that is coleslaw and french fries you see dangling from the side. The side dishes are all part of the sandwich deal.

This restaurant on the strip is the original Primanti Bros hangout.

A half mile back through the strip to the car and we were ready to say we have seen “The Burgh.”





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Do you need a rest??

Mount Gretna Pennsylvania, is a place of good memories and best friends.   I remember Gretna from my childhood when my parents took us kids to the Sunday evening church services in the summer.  They were held in the great open tabernacle, which we loved because instead of sitting on the benches we were free to roam around and play quietly in the open area in the back.

   The surrounding houses always fascinated me and I used to dream of being able to go up the porch of this one house beside the tabernacle.  Today my best friends live in that house and we have spent many hours on that same porch I dreamed about years ago.  Recently we listened to a band concert while sitting on the Cornercopia porch. Most of the concerts are free, just collecting an offering. This is truly a place of beauty, peace and rest.


Porches are a big thing in Mt Gretna. My friend displays her lovely doll house on hers, and on our last visit we took a stroll to have a look at what made other porches catch your eye.

This one reminded us that the 4th of July is near.

It’s the colors and the rockers that beckon you to come on up and sit a spell.

This one just invites you to take pictures, who can resist the stained glass and the beautiful lanterns?

Plants and flowers enhance many of the porches.  The gardens are as inviting as the porches. Come walk with me, I’ll show you more.


First, the bunny garden, 

 the tiny houses

and the flower garden.

We’ve done a lot of walking, why don’t we just sit a spell on the blue bench?

Ahhh!  I thought so, you do need a rest.


Don’t sit too long, there is lots to see and do in Mount Gretna. Visit the Jigger Shop when you are hungry, see a play at the theater, treat yourself to a concert or check out a book at the library.

Everything is beautiful at Mount Gretna.

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