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“Hope Walks” at Uprise

Many of you may have heard of “Cure International,”  an organization which brings hope and treatment for life saving conditions of under privileged children around the world. Recently their club foot division was given over to a whole new organization of its own called “Hope Walks.”  This past Friday I had the privilege of being a volunteer for Hope Walks at the Uprise music festival in Shippensburg, PA.  This annual event is well known to many church youth groups and to families who love contemporary Christian music.  It was a win, win for me for I love talking to people about a good cause and I love contemporary Christian music.  It was a great opportunity to introduce others to Hope Walks.

Hope Walks trains teams of Doctors and nurses in 16 countries to help parents of children born with club foot through a healing process by using a foot manipulation treatment that brings a crippled child to wellness. The treatment includes casting for several months soon after birth and takes about 4 or 5 years of wearing specially made braces that turn the feet outward to a normal position while the child is growing.  Most of this time the braces are worn at night.

At Uprise we invited attendees to paint the leather used to make the shoe part of the brace.  By hand painting simple designs on the soon to be braces we give encouragement to the children who must wear these for long periods of time.

Simple and varied are the numerous designs on these leathers. Also at our booth we gave out foot “tattoos,”  stickers and information on how your group could have a paint the shoes party.

The best news is that after receiving treatment the child is able to walk, run, and play like others. Teaching and spiritual counseling go hand in hand with the treatment where the trainers develop long term relationships with families.  For more information on “Hope Walks” check out their website at  This process comes at a price of around 400 dollars for a treatment that takes years, but gives, what would have been a life long crippled child, hope for a normalized future.

It was our pleasure to be side by side to two other great organizations.  We shared space with the popular Christian Radio station wordfm.  We enjoyed getting to know their volunteers and those who stopped by were invited to pick up a wordfm sticker, hear about Hope Walks and paint while waiting in line to have a free photo taken.  What a fun way to work together.

Props were included with a star studded backdrop.

Thrivent Financial was our other “booth” neighbor. Their volunteers were busy playing games that could win you one of their famous “Live Generously t-shirts, a rain pauncho, or a fan that plugs into your cell phone to keep you cool. How cool is that??

Many visited the Turkey Hill Ice Cream stand for free samples right in front of the very large Holstein cow.

Entertainment comes from the main stage with music artists such as Sanctus Real, Zach Williams and comedian John Crist. Last and what everyone was waiting for was the band Skillet.  Chad Veach was the main speaker for the evening.

Church youth groups gather for lots of fun with friends and counselors. This one from Gettysburg First Baptist is perched on this amazing hill with a tarp for a carpet and a great view of all things happening.

Games and food abound in this happy crowd of lovely people.  I had a great time sharing and caring.  I hope many of you will care to share with “Hope Walks.”  Learn more at

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Things to love about a Bed and Breakfast

via Things to love about a Bed and Breakfast

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Things to love about a Bed and Breakfast

The two years of planning the Alaska vacation is over. The time away has come and gone. We are home trying to catch up and continue on with more plans of moving out of the country and into town.  Alaska was great once again.  A lot of people have been there and have seen the majestic white capped mountains and breathtaking vastness.  A lot of folks go on the very popular cruises, a wonderful way to get luxury, rest and some land and some sea adventures.  We did that twice. This time we wanted something different.  We planned our own trip and skipped only the luxury.  It was my job to plan the itinerary and make the sleeping arrangements.  I have done some traveling in my lifetime and have loved staying in home run bed and breakfasts.  We were traveling with our son and daughter in law, their first trip to Alaska.  We wanted to cook and eat in for some of our meals.  I enjoyed the task of looking through the many places offered, spending a couple of hours a evening selecting, pricing, and wondering if everyone would like the one chosen.  So here are the ones we came up with and were not disappointed, what one may have lacked in one area, rose above in another. We loved them all.

The Cantwell cabin:

This was a cozy cabin, decorated with quilts.  It had everything we needed, two bedrooms, a kitchen and living space. We did enjoy the pretty quilts on our beds walls and couches.  We never met our hosts but she told us that she loves to make quilts and donates them to charity.

This cabin was just a little off the main highway and easy to miss, we did have to ask directions at a food mart and gas station who obviously had been asked  the same question before. The town of Cantwell, just 30 minutes from Danali Park, was also not on the main road even though the signs welcomed you to it and said come again when you passed it, with no town in sight.  It was a great place to spend the nights between our days in Talkeetna and Danali.

The Stellar lodge near Seward was our next destination.  I have to admit the price was so good on this one, I couldn’t turn it down.  It was more like a hotel room with two beds in one room and a shared bathroom two doors down.  It doesn’t sound that good, but we found it was absolutely no inconvenience.  We actually had two bathrooms shared by three rooms, but we rarely saw anyone around the times when we were there.  The place was beautiful and there was a small river right off the porch where the fish were jumping all over the place.

The name of the fast flowing stream was “Clear River” and it sure lived up to its name. Yeah, the guys loved the outdoors surrounding this place.

We stayed here two nights, ate out one night and did hamburgers on the grill the next night. Our hostess was amazing and she supplied tools and dishes and even insisted on washing them.  All we had to do was carry the stuff to her back porch. I cooked macaroni in a borrowed bowl in the microwave for a salad side dish. It was a delightful evening.

We enjoyed the beauty and hospitality of this b&b and basked in the sunlight till 10pm, twilight.


Believe it or not, we spent the next night on a ferry going to Kodiak. Leaving at 10:30 p.m. to arrive at 9 a.m. the next morning.  We had no beds.  We slept on chairs, just like a plane only bigger.

The moon was rising as we set sail.

We drove the car right onto the ferry, but it wasn’t as easy as it sounds.  We arrived at the terminal at 8 p.m. We got onto the boat about 9:30.  We did not get leaving until nearly 11:00.  Getting all the cars and trucks loaded was quite the task, but it can be done, only takes time.

Parking was tight.  We could not get into the car and had wait to do so till other cars moved when it was time to get off. While waiting we met a minister and his family who had been driving a u-haul and an SUV for the past 10 days from Austin Texas to pastor a church in Kodiak.  We had the pleasure of meeting them again in Kodiak and became face book friends.  You never know what can happen while you are waiting.

So we arrived in Kodiak pretty tired but happy that our next B&B host sent us an email, saying our room was ready, we could come in as soon as we got off the boat.  Happy news, as we were wondering if we would have to wait till 3 or so. Had that happened we might have been in the mood of the name of our waiting B&B,  “Grumpy Bear.”  I have to admit this was the one I was most concerned as to the condition of the place.  The add said “if you are looking for glitz and glamour don’t come here.”  Well obviously that was not what we were looking for, but it also said “this is a homey place that could use a couple of fix ups, as reflected in the price.” (not the exact quote)  The pictures looked nice enough, and there was a washer and drier. The price was within our budget.  Dick liked the chain saw carving of the bear and we went for it.  Turns out, that out of the four this was our very favorite place.  Let me show it to you, with all of its amenities.

And the photo bomber!!  Dick put his veterans hat on the bear’s head.

This whole house was ours for 4 days, 3 nights. Full kitchen with dinning for four. Living room with two couches and a large screen TV.

A fridge with and cupboard loaded with supplies and cooking needs.  This stop was right in the middle of our trip and just about the time laundry was essential.  There were two bathrooms and two full bedrooms upstairs.  A garbage disposal and a newer gas grill outside.  I’m thinking he did the “fix up” before we got there.

The place did have a “male hunting, fishing atmosphere.”  Perfect for us because our guys were fishing and we ate grilled fresh salmon two out of the three nights we stayed there.

I gotta say Dick was in his “happy place.” Again, Berry, who spells his name with an e, supplied all of our needs for cleaning and cooking the fish.  We truly enjoyed his place, we met him and he was a very helpful and friendly person, wished we could have stayed longer.  I would highly recommend this place for anyone, especially families or sportsmen, who would be in Kodiak.

The view just across the street was perfect as well. His friendly neighbors gave us access to a quiet beach below which you see in this and the featured image.

Time to move on to our last B&B, a quiet little place off the beaten path in Homer.  In fact it was called  “Trail Side Cabin.”

This cabin featured a bedroom on the far end, a kitchen in the middle and a living/bedroom at the entrance. The bed and a bathroom on the far end was an addition to an original small cabin before B&B days. You can see the loft ladder, which was locked, that was used for the bedroom in those days.

The living/bedroom was comfortable and usable as both with a TV and a dinning table for four.  This was taken early in the morning, but they did a good job of making it a living room in the daytime.

The nice part of this B&B was the location, just outside of the town and right next to the trail it was named for.  We walked the trail which was not as exciting as I had imagined, but it did have it nice parts.

We left the place as nice as we found it and the owner appreciated it as stated in her comments.  Another host that we did not get to meet, but enjoyed the eggs, muffins, condiments and coffee provided for us.  We ate well in the cabin here and tried to use up all that we had purchased.   We also enjoyed a great night out at “The Kannery,” a newer restaurant just outside of Homer with an ocean view.

I apologize for the extra long blog, but I hope you enjoyed the things to love about a Bed and Breakfast, a break from expensive hotels.







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