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24 hours in Northern Pennsylvania

At the tail end of our short trip to New York, we drove into Pennsylvania and stopped to see our friends in the small town of Canton.   We spent exactly 24 hours there and what a day it was.  We visited on the back porch of their beautiful stone home, ate three delicious meals, and played the concentration game of Sequence.

The rain started soon after our arrival, but our hosts were undaunted.  What to do in the rain?? Take a 3 hour tour in the new truck and see the sites these mountains had to offer.

We enjoyed seeing the deer that were out in large numbers. We saw doe, lots of twin fawns and buck. This bunch didn’t mind as we stopped and watched them graze and the young ones were darting from place to place and practicing their high jumps.  Quite entertaining, actually.  The one in the middle of this picture is just beginning a take off. We also saw a flock of wild turkey and had our eyes pealed for the elusive bear.

The clouds, the mountains, the grasslands and the farms presented a picturesque sight as we traveled over hill and dale. Note the old church on the left side of the picture.

I had to have a close up of it. I love the windows and wonder at the two door entrance.  As I ponder this picture I think of the music that might have been sung here, the sermons preached, the friendships made and lunches held,  bringing a community together in fellowship with God.

We saw a lot of farm land given up for the placement of these wind turbines.  After all was said and done the additions did not spoil the beauty of the land even if the farming was put on the back shelf.

This view from a mountain top made us wish for a sunny day, but I think you can get the picture.

At this lookout we met a very tall and imposing Indian Chief of days gone by.

And the next day it rained, we took another 3 hour tour that showed us recent tornado damage, and took us to an ice cream shop that sold many kinds of popcorn as well.  At this place you could taste all the different kinds of pop corn before buying the one or two of your choice.  The flavors were wide and varied, I tasted a few but settled on my favorite caramel corn. Provided good munchies for the trip home.

Did I mention there were goats??  Lots of grazing goats.

We said our goodbyes right after lunch, just 24 hours since we had arrived, and began our three hour drive home. We drove home in the rain, and came home to days and days of heavy rain.

It was too long since our last trip to Canton and this one was too short, but we made the best of the time we had and packed a lot of fun times into that day long get away.

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Dreaming of New York, New York

A four day get-away to New York with my husband was one of the three short vacations our summer had to offer this year. After a long trip to Ireland without him, it was good to do this short trip together and to do something he really was looking forward to.  Our New York trip did not include the city of New York, we were headed to the salmon fishing capital of the east, Pulaski, New York.  From our home in Pennsylvania it is listed as a 5 hour drive.  We made it happen in 8, driving leisurely with a couple of food and rest stops. My husband and son are planning a fishing trip here in September, but in July we were just enjoying the beauty and checking out the places he remembered when he fished year about 5 years ago.  Pulaski has a couple of fish and tackle shops, but Fat Nancy’s has the best location as it is right off the highway as you come into the town. Dick was anxious to introduce me the shops name sake, a fish called, not Wanda but ——- Fat Nancy.   And there she is in all her glory.

That evening we stayed close to town and walked around some of the local fishing spots, had dinner at a near by restaurant and found a place to relax.

The next day we made a wide circle and stopped at numerous places he remembered.  One where he had his first bite and another where he caught his first salmon. In July the water is high, the sun is out and the scenery is lush and green.

We walked along paths beside rivers and he showed me where 5 years ago a parking lot was flooded during the fishing season and they were actually catching salmon in the lot.

We cut through a path in the woods to get to the river.

Erosion taking its toll, so visible I walked past some of the trees a little faster than usual.

I do not think that this tree is going to last another five years.

Later we walked to a water fall and enjoyed the beauty there.

There were steps involved in this walk.

This is my kind of hiking, a nice flat path with shady spots along the way, so appreciated on a warm summer day.


The beauty seemed to never end.

By the end of that couple of days, he was dreaming of September with a fishing rod in his hand.

Come September, he will be ready to show his son all the good spots. I even got excited for them. Here’s wishing them  a  successful fishing trip when the salmon are running.



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