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Family, Friends, Food, and Fun in Fall


It’s fall and we are heading to the orchard to get some apples.  Apple butter time is here and this year more fun was had by all because the weather was so very accommodating and it seems, more kids are accumulating.  This was the year for kid fun.


Young and older lined up to get in on the action.


No small fire emergencies with this hand crafted board.


The “redneck hover board”  was noisy, but it worked and everyone got in on the fun.


Meanwhile back at the apple butter kettle, the stirring goes on and on, from 6am to 3pm to be close to exact.


So the kids head to hills for a little sling shot fun with water balloons.



Once you are up there, how you gonna get down?  Jump in the barrel and roll down, of course.


How about sharing a swing big fella?

Meanwhile back at the kettle, it’s noon, all 12 bushel of apples are added and it’s time to gather round to give thanks for the mounds of comfort food that has been stacking up in the kitchen,



This year sister Brenda accepts the “copper kettle” award on behalf of the entire kitchen crew who fixes buckwheat cakes and sausage for breakfast, takes care of the many lunch offerings and bakes bread for when the apple butter is ready.


Tractor rides are free and so are the balloon rides. That is if you can pull that rope hard enough.


Oh my, what to do between lunch and the finished product??



As the kettle is emptied the copper pennies are counted and


The fresh baked bread arrives


All hands on deck to get the first taste.


Meanwhile things have been happening in the kitchen. The stirring is done, the kettle is empty and 174 pint jars are full.



And this is what we’ve been waiting for!


Fall is here,


with more beautiful days to come.


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The Hole in One Dream, or a day on the golf course for a cause

It was a great day for a golf game, not to hot, not to cold, not to sunny and just a little windy. I was not there to play golf, rarely have I ever had a golf club in my hand.  I was there as a volunteer for the Adams Rescue Mission. The place in Adams County that houses the homeless, gives jobs to the jobless and helps men and women realize the value of their lives and directs them to their purpose. The place was the beautifully landscaped Mountain View Golf Course.


A tournament is about sponsors and players.  We had many wonderful sponsors and 8 registered teams.  We had lunch, snacks and dinner.  We had volunteers, golf carts and prizes. At 1:00 all was ready for the tee off.


As a first time volunteer for this event I noticed no glitches, mostly due the efforts of this gal who worked out all the bugs last year at the first tournament.  This was the second Steve Shoemaker memorial golf tournament.  Steve lived and worked at the mission for many years.  He did an excellent job of restoring furniture that was donated to the thrift store at the mission.  After Steve’s handiwork the pieces brought steady income to the mission, and all who came in contact with him knew he was dedicated to the work of the mission and loved his job.


Of course everyone knows the most fun thing on a golf course are the carts.  After the signs were placed, the snack bags distributed, the registration complete and lunch was ready to go, Bruce, the mission director offered to take me on a tour of the course. He said “Let’s take a green one.”   So off we go in our ‘not one of a kind’ green golf cart.


First impression??  Wow!!! This place is breath taking! Who can concentrate on hitting a ball surrounded by all this beauty.


It’s big too,  no wonder it takes all day to get around the course.  Half way around for us, Bruce turned over the driver’s seat to me.  Great thing about golf carts?? It takes about 30 seconds to master the driving part.


Ah ha, could this be why it’s called “Mountain View?”

The thrill for every golfer is the big prize for the hole in one drive.   This hole in one challenge was a 160 yard drive with plenty of sandpits surrounding it.

Ron, another volunteer and I went to check out the prize and the scope out the lay of the land. There she is, A BRAND NEW KIA.  While we were walking around having a good look at the drive, a gentleman stepped up to the tee and took a crazy straight shot, sending the ball  right over the fairway, landing on the green. The ball stopped about a foot short of that looming hole in one.  One more well placed hit and he was in.  I was excited, thinking he was so close to winning that car, then we learned it didn’t really matter. He was not part of our tournament.


We congratulated him on a great shot. He was pleased that he wasn’t a part of the tournament and happy that he did so well.


This was about as close as anyone else got, after coming out of the sandpit.


At the end of a good day, the golfers lined up for supper, and Jamie, another hard working mission employee, handed out the prizes.


And the KIA dealer got his car back.  Maybe next year guys. (oh, we did have one female playing)

20160917_142326         20160917_1413440

We do thank Battlefield KIA dealership, all the other sponsors and  the Mountain View Golf Club for a good day and the help they gave to the mission.


If you are interested in a good golf game, this beautiful course is located just west of Gettysburg on Route 116. It could be your happy place.


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