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Zac’s Rabbits in Hawaii

Easter and bunnies, they go together, but why?  That is the question.  Several of our most important Christian holidays have some connection with pagan celebrations, and the reason for this is that early Christians had to do all they could to draw people away from the old ways of worshiping the created rather than the Creator. To make a long story short and to get to the purpose of this blog,  the prolific bunny was a symbol of fertility and new life.  Christians grabbed onto the new life part and eventually a story about a bunny who laid colored eggs in spring evolved and came to us from the Germans.  So when you are talking Easter bunnies and colored eggs at Easter time remember the resurrection of Jesus who conquered death and gives us new life, much like the new beginnings we see with every spring.  I saw this sign today:  Silly Rabbit, Easter is for Jesus.

All that to say I thought it would be a good time to share a blog about Zac’s Rabbits in Hawaii.  Zac and Anita and I go back to the mid 60’s when we lived in Hawaii and I stood up for them at their wedding. They stayed in Hawaii, and raised their family there.  What amazes me is that Zac started his business in his own back yard.  Let me take you there.

We left the lovely Luana Hotel, which is right around the corner from Saratoga Road, in our spiffy rent a car. We were driving to the area near Barbours Point and we had many scenic views along the way.

This is a close up of the velvet rippled mountains that I love.

Basically we followed our noses and the address on Lisa’s wonder phone and found Zac’s Rabbitry.  He and his family have lived here for quite a number of years. The property is hedged in on all sides and when the small house needed expanding, they lifted the house and added a basement.  Then Zac went on to make his small back yard more efficient.

You would be amazed, as I was, about the many eco systems he has going on right here in his back yard. He grows plenty of rabbit and people food, giving us a taste of several different plants. He also has his own equipment to process manure into fertilizer and rabbits tucked into ever available corner.

Easter Bunnies for sure!

They are cute and cuddly and we even got to pet some of them as Zac placed them into our hands.  There were babies (aren’t there always babies) and those were the ones that were most available to hold.

Look at these cuties, see the different varieties.

After the tour we took off to places unknown.  Zac took us to a turtle bay, where we saw no turtles but a lot of beauty.

More beauty as we head up the coast

looking out to Kaiena Point, the furthermost point on the island with no road around it.

Another great day in paradise, with one more stop.  Would not want to forget this one!



Bye Zac and Anita, thanks for your Hawaiian Hospitality.   Happy Easter to all.









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A little Oriental Flavor

Today is my birthday and my wish is to go somewhere exotic. So happens I have China Town in Honolulu at my fingertips. When we were in Honolulu in April we took a bus downtown and had a look around Aloha Tower and the piers and suddenly found ourselves in China Town. What a fun find, we browsed and pointed and looked and took pictures.


Exotic colors galore


Open markets line the streets


That little guy hanging on the door looks a little exotic, don’t you think?


I love these decorative poles lining this streeDSCF4350

Now here is a funny story taken from my journal on our trip in 1997.

We had been to church and met old friends Zac and Anita.  The six of us enjoyed a great lunch at Sam Choy’s and later Anita drove us around Kuakini Hospital. There are many new buildings all around and I didn’t recognize a thing. We went back to the Condo for a clothing change and while Karen, Anita and I were in the elevator we noticed this young big blonde guy, standing in the corner with a book. He was very dark tanned and not Caucasian, but not very Japanese looking either. His book was written in the vertical Japanese script. Anita, obviously very curious about this asked.

“Can you really read that?”

He smiled and said, “Oh yes,

“I impressed,” she answered back.

Suddenly Karen jumps in on the conversation and says, “Oh good, then you will understand my Japanese song.” And she breaks out singing this little Japanese melody:

“Mu su Ma san

Yo ku ke Kayo

Yama ota kona

Ho dar du nayo

Yama da fuka dra ha

Yo – ho – ho

Waka go ka san dayo”

Anita and I were in shock, not knowing that Karen possessed this talent. The blonde guy was laughing and said, “Yes, I understand the song,” and we all got off the elevator. Later she started singing it when there were three Japanese ladies on the elevator, and to our delight, they started singing with her. They told her it was an old popular song warning daughters not to fall in love with mountain climbers. Karen told us that she had tutored a Japanese student once who taught her the only Japanese song she ever knew. That’s my Karen, that’s why I love her.

Remembering good times and good laughs are a good way to spend a happy birthday.

Unfortunately I did not get to spend my day that way, as I had this all ready to go, but had to take my husband to the hospital for an unexpected over night stay. He is home today and is tired but doing good.n  Birthday turned out well, however, with many good wishes on face book, our daughter providing a wonderful diner and presents.  This is the reason my post shows up a day late.

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