Teaching an old dog new tricks

I know many of you have been kayaking before, but not me.  First time for everything they say.  It happened the way most things happen in life—- I was asked to go, I said yes!  These gals were old hands at this sport that seems to be a great pass time for families and friends.  As we approached our destination, cars with kayaks were coming in from all directions, they all belonged to our group of friends.  The work of getting the kayak off the car begins immediately.


I wasn’t thinking any thing about tipping the kayak, but I must admit I had my life jacket on before the kayaks were unloaded.  Safety first, I’m just sayin’.


They are pretty light weight and I’m thinking if these are all one person kayaks and if she can do it I should be able to handle this.  So I asked her,  “How long have you been kayaking?”   “Oh, just a couple of years,” came her quick reply.  The yellow one is assigned to me, and right away I notice that getting in is like taking a seat on the ground. The boat was a little rocky at the beginning, but soon I stabilized and am paddling——in circles. In a few minutes I straightened up and I am moving, not to fast but moving non the less.


After handing my camera over to a friend, I sort of drifted over toward the trees.  It was a beautiful day, with warm breezes and low humidity, and I am going in the right direction.  All is well.  I think I caught on rather quickly.


The goal was to go around the corner and down to the end of the lake and back again.


We made quite a sight with all the different colored kayaks.


But wait, what’s this?  I look across the water and recognize a big dog in a little boat with two of my best friends just cruising the lake with their powered motor.  I had to paddle over and say hello, and catch up on all the news friends share.  Meanwhile the kayak gang makes it down to the end and decide to “sunbathe” while I continue my visit, paddling in circles to stay close enough for a conversation.  When I am finished visiting, I start the long trek to the end where the group is hanging out.  Sure enough, as soon as I reach them they are ready to start paddling back to the dock.  No rest for the new kid in the kayak.


This little gal was my inspiration.  What a trooper.  I am pretty sure I saw her napping at lunch. She deserved it.


Lunch awaits at the end of the lovely morning.  Kayaking does work up an appetite.  My first experience was certainly a good one and I am ready to go again anytime.  Oh, thankfully there were no pictures of me getting out of the kayak, so we don’t have to talk about that.


It’s never to late to enjoy something new.  Kayaking, a new trick added to my list.  Thanks to all the gals who were willing to hang out with me when I was lagging behind and all of them encouraging me along the way. These are the days memories are made of.



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4 thoughts on “Teaching an old dog new tricks

  1. Looks like fun! What lake was it?

  2. Actually it was the Chambersburg Water Reservoir up by Caledonia. Have you ever been Kayaking?

    • That’s a beautiful spot. Yes, we’ve kayaked and canoed. It’s lots of fun! Steering takes some practice!

  3. I agree – it is never to late to try something new! 🙂 No one look very graceful getting in and out of the kayak… 🙂

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