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Bunco is serious business

The saying goes that “life is a game, but bunco is serious business”   While I don’t put a lot of stock into that saying, I will say that the game of Bunco can be intense, insane and serious business.  When it comes down to the final scrunch time or who has the most buncos, oh yea, we are talking serious business.    Twelve gals in one house, three rooms with four to each table, we roll the dice and count the points.  The thing I like about this game is that no one has an advantage over another.  There is no strategy, or tactics that can be used to be better than any one else at this game.  It is the all in the way the cookie crumbles or the dice fall.DSCF4006

If you are rolling fives, this is a bunco.





and this is your reward.      DSCF4007

You get to wear the boa until someone else gets a bunco then you get to take it from them.  Sometimes it can be done with less ceremony than others.    If you are rolling fives and you get three of any other number you have a scrunch. If you have the scrunch at the end of the game you get one of the prizes.  Did I mention prizes?  You have a 50/50 chance of winning a prize, as there are six prizes awarded at the end of the game.


This is what a winning ticket looks like.


Here is living proof that it only takes one bunco player to change a light bulb.  Dice in hand, standing on a chair, no ladders ivolved.  Of couse this is Denise and she is totally awesome!



How about these ginormous earrings for the biggest loser prize!!  But wait I also ended up with the scrunch which means I get the scrunch prize!  Excitement runs high at these games.


Competition can get a little testy when there is a roll off for a tie.


Did I mention food?  Oh yes, there is always food.  Do you see the size of these cookies?


The cream cheese stuffed strawberries were the best little “poppers” I’ve had in a while.  I popped my share. They are sprinkled with graham cracker crumbs, she called it an upside down strawberry cheese cake.


Sorry,  I got carried away with the desserts, we do have a main course and it was yummy as well.


Meaty stuffed shells.  We need all this food to fuel energy for the games.


I guess the truth of the matter is that Life is serious business, that’s why you gotta play a little bunco once in while. Nothing like friends, food and the roll of the dice to take a break from the seriousness of  hum drum life.





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