Snow Day, sled day

Years ago when our kids were small, a snow day was a sled day on our hill, and several families would gather and spend the day and/or evening sledding.  On this day, I was comfy, all snug in my nook, just starting to read, a very good book.   When what to my wondering ears, did I hear?  The dog started barking, “some one’s sledding out here”.  I ran to window and to my surprise, my sister was waving, a grandchild by her side.  Come on down she said with a shout, so I pulled on my boots and in a few minutes was out.  (Sorry I didn’t mean to get carried away, work with me here, it started out innocently enough.)

Back in the day, when it was a lot easier getting down into a sled, not to mention, the twists and turns it takes to get up out of the sled, we were just one of the crowd with kids on the hill, going down two or three on a sled joining in on the fun.  Where are those kids now she asked?  We gave our answers to each other:  at work, basketball practice, college, ski liberty.  Yes,  those kids are grown and have bigger and better things to do, but for this afternoon, she and I had Ashley, and we had a great time sledding down our hill.



Not exactly like the zipline, dangling over trees in a forest, but good for a few minutes of that “I am free to be me” feeling.


I just have to express that feeling at times, and get out there and do something! If you think I am little crazy at this age, you should read my latest book “A Wish Called Wanda,” and see what I was up to when I was young!  And speaking of twists and turns, it is said that there are enough twists and turns in the book to keep your head spinning and your hands from putting the book down.   Find it on Amazon, with a title search.


Ashley was up for a thrill too, as she dug into the mess under the porch until she found “THE RAMP”!   She executed a perfect ramp slide and landed right side up, but once was enough for her as she said it hurt her back a little.  Smart girl, no use hurting it worse.



Linda was determined NOT to go over the ramp.  She thought she would follow the path to the right, But when the sled kept to the left, she abandoned ship and came to a screeching halt in the middle of the hill.


A walk with the dog in the field completes our afternoon in the snow.


A January sky beckens us to keep going and looking.

038  042





Thank you God for seasons, trees, grandchildren, sisters, dogs, walks and snow.  So many good things all in one afternoon. A big thanks to Ashley and Linda for taking the pictures.



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6 thoughts on “Snow Day, sled day

  1. Cindy Wiens

    You never cease to amaze me! I want to be like you when I grow up!!

  2. I love this!!! 🙂 But I hate that I was at work when you guys were having all the fun on “The Hill”! These pictures are the best! The first one is my favorite – the expressions are priceless. And of course, I love any and all pictures of Spike! Fun post — you really are the most fun, Mama!

  3. Sandy Black

    I remember those days!! And some days would like to go back and do it all over again!! They were fun times.

  4. What a fun post! I love your rhymes and the pictures are wonderful. We don’t have hills anymore– glad you’re enjoying yours!

  5. Thanks for all the comments and likes.

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