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Zip line mania

It is summer time again and if anyone needs a little refresher course on ziplining here it is.

A Wish Called Wanda

I love zip lining (is that how you say it) or is it, I love to ride the zip lines, or do the canopy tours, or as they called it in South Africa the foofy slide. South Africa is where I had my first opportunity to glide among tree tops.  I saw people do it on TV and heard about fabulous Zip Lines in Costa Rica, but when I got the news that we were going to do it South Africa, I was ecstatic.  Not knowing exactly what we were in for, we drove boldly to the Karkloof Canopy Tour site and presented ourselves for hook up.  The sign we read gave us a laugh, and we were ready to “brace up, take a deep breath and enter the Garden of Eden.”  Me and Indiana Jones.

“Bracing up” was quite the chore, I was thankful we didn’t have to “pack…

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Pick your own strawberries

Each year about this time, I find great pleasure in going to a small farm just outside of the town of Arendtsville to pick my own strawberries.  Now before you jump to any conclusions and think that I am some kind of a gardener or farmer, let me tell you that digging in the dirt, planting flowers and pulling weeds is not my bag.  But harvesting? That is what I really like.  I am all over the picking, gleaning and gathering food from a field, orchard or patch.   Growing up in Adams County, I made my first spending dollars picking fruit for the local farmers.  I had a good time doing some hard work and I am not sure if that is where my love for picking came from or not, but I do love digging potatoes, picking cherries, and, I’ve been known  to climb right up into the apple or pear trees in our back yard to go after the enticing fruit.   I am a fair weather picker, however, so I waited for the rain and the heat to pass before I ventured out to the patch this year.


My favorite strawberry patch belongs to the Swartz family.  It is well maintained and it is so good to see the family work together during this busy season.  I have been getting my picking fix here for years. DSCF3188

The trick is to come early enough to elude the heat that was to follow.  The patch was before me and the berries waiting to be plucked. DSCF3189


It was nice to see a good friend on mine as I entered the field. We had not seen each other for a while so after assuming the berry picking bend position for a time, we took a few moments to stand and catch up on the news.DSCF3193

This look of delight shows on my face every time I come across one of these big lovelies. Very soon the boxes begin to fill and you’ve got the makings for some winter time taste of summer. DSCF3190                DSCF3185 It took me just over a half an hour to pick five boxes and I went back two mornings later to pick five more.  It takes a little more time to wash and pluck the stem from the top and plop them into a freezer bag to use in a variety of ways during the year.


A beautiful sight to behold, satisfaction galore and strawberry short-cake for supper.  That’s what I’m talking about.

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Let’s go out to a ballgame

It is the beginning of summer and baseball season is in full swing.  While I am not a huge fan of the game, our daughter loves to go out to a ballgame and sometimes we get to go along and share in the all American past time as we did this past memorial day weekend.  All of a sudden I was caught up in the sights, the crowds and smell of French Fries as walked into the stadium in Harrisburg.DSCF3161

A stop at the Sen-a-tators French Fry stand is in order by the end of the fourth inning. DSCF3162Producing a pricy little bunch of the goodness of deep-fried potatoes.

On this night the Harrisburg Senators were facing the Baltimore Baysocs.    Their uniforms lining up with the Washington Nationals, our daughters’ favorite team, and the Baltimore Orioles of the big league.

DSCF3163                 DSCF3150

The side line entertainment is what keeps me going during a ball game, and these welcomed distractions were rampant on this perfect Sunday night for a ballgame.   The two guys and a girl in front of us were amazing Senators fans.  They enjoyed the game so much, I couldn’t help but enjoy it with them.  The seventh inning stretch with Cotton Eyed Joe blaring over the speakers brought them out of their seats and onto their self-made dance floor, making everyone around wanting to join them, but just clapped in time to the music instead.



I personally loved the ketsup, mustard and hotdog race myself. It was my favorite kid thing.  Hotdog got off to a bad start and sadly lagged behind the whole race.


Then there was the array of mascot characters parading, waving and hugging with their added touch of the red, white and blue,

DSCF3160                    DSCF3155

not to be out done by Pop’s specially selected Memorial Day hat.


As you can see, these two weren’t nearly as distracted by the sidelines as I.  They seem to be pretty intent on the field.

Our media champ followed the game news on twitter.  At their request she took a selfie which landed on the tron screen a short time later.


This fun evening ended with the Senators winning the ballgame, and the ever-popular Fireworks display after the game.  They just seem to light up the sky with joy, no matter what the occasion.


I have come to the conclusion that I like minor league baseball games better than major league.  The game seems to move faster, you are closer to the action on the field and the people and activities around you stir the all American feeling of loving a good baseball game.    Next time she says “Let’s go out to a ballgame,”  I’ll be right there with her, cheering on the home team.

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