Colors of Cusco and other Peruvian Places

I bought a handmade wool sweater in Peru. It’s gray and actually is not very girly pretty, BUT it has kept me warm in many cool places and I call it my Peruvian Sweater.  That is why I love the word Peruvian and the reason I wanted to use it in the title of this blog.

One of our first nights in Cusco we got word that there would be “typical” music and dancing at the cultural theater and our tour tickets from the day would get us in. Tickets in hand we hailed a taxi and piled (only four of  us) but believe me, it was so small we “piled” in.  Kay and Dick and I sat in the back seat which did not happen to be attached to anything solid, consequently every time the breaks were applied or we rounded a corner, or dodged oncoming traffic, the seat moved.  It was a Peruvian Taxi experience.


The dance was an enjoyable whirlwind of colors.  The orchestra played between the sets to give time for costume changes, each as colorful as the last.  There was a Spanish announcer followed by an English announcer, whom I understood about as good as the Spanish announcer. The songs and dances told stories of every day life in Peru, some being quite humorous.


Other colors came from the market places that seemed to be everywhere.  This one high on a hill with the natural blue of the sky and snow-capped mountains lacing the background is one of my favorites.

CuscoTour (2)

The open meat markets are fun to gaze at and wonder, would I really eat that meat? How long has it been there?  Where did it come from? How hot is it out here?

 Lots of things to ponder as you gaze at these chunks of meat.

DSCF0035 (2)

Of course the meat that was cooking also gave occasion to stop and stare. Two fat guinea Pigs roasting along side of potatoes, a tasty Peruvian fast food.

DSCF0031 (2)

Now enter the super walmart, with one stop shopping.


But nothing says color like natures own.  We stood around for quite some time trying to get a word or two out of this colorful talking parrot.



And even distant snow-capped mountains have nothing over these fluffy white beauties.

Thats it for this Peruvian colorfest.  See you next time.

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