Superbowl Sunday Sidelines

I am not much of a football fan, but I do love Superbowl Sunday.  It sure seems like a national holiday and all the sidelines are as good as the game.   The day starts out as any other Sunday, except for the fact that we wear our favorite sports jerseys, take some non perishable foods and a crock pot full of soup along to church.  There are the two opposing teams goal posts planted in the foyer decorated with the team colors.  The idea is to pile the food up on the side that you want to win.  There is also a big soup pot in the center where you can donate some cold cash.  All the cash and the food items go to our local soup kitchen, thus the name Souperbowl Sunday.  This year we had at least 25 crockpots of soup waiting to be devoured after the service along with sandwiches, salads and desserts.

Then there is time at home to begin preparing more food (it’s all about the food, isn’t it) to take to the party that begins around 5pm.  Here is the main attraction being assembled at the party we attended.


I am sure you guessed what is happening here immediately.   Yes, she is putting the helmets on the players while we await the kickoff.

The finished product was a hit, with the chocolate swiss rolls making up the stadium, the assorted chips represent the fans in the stands, and the Vienna sausages the players.


Meanwhile I was busy toasting buttered baguette slices for more dipping material for the luscious crab dip awaiting, and pop has babysitting duty

061                                                           062

There are pizza’s all over the place and “walking tacos”  to make and take to the game site.  Plenty of Cy Robertson tea to drink as well.                  I missed getting a picture of the National Anthem because I was too into watching it.  What a great way to start a game.                         Let the game begin!!!!!

065             074

Here come the Broncos.  I was ready to get a shot of the Seahawks but just as I pushed the button the broncos were there. But that’s OK, the Seahawks got plenty of coverage as the night went on.

066                  067

The Hawks just scored the first touchdown.  Now we are into the thick of it.  Dick was born and raised in Seattle, our first born came into the world in Seattle. Both our kids still have an autographed picture of the famed Seahawk player of the eighties, Steve Largent.  We hadn’t heard anything about the team for years until, all of a sudden, they are in line for the super bowl.  Our interest perked up, so naturally at this time we are like,— uh,—- cheering.   The rest of the room was quiet and frankly not quite believing what had just transpired.


Can’t lie,  I love the picture of the Hawk.


and the picture of the not so happy bronco fan.


There they go again, no one can catch him.  Didn’t make things any better at our party, but Dick and I were having a good time.  Actually, you have got to admit, for a rooky super bowl team the Seahawks really made an impression. They came, they saw and they busted some hard playing broncos.

073                  064

Baby didn’t care and the crowd in the ping pong room increased.


Thankfully we had this add to make us realize we all need a hug even if we are cheering for different teams. Speaking of adds (a sideline that can’t be ignored)  I did like this one, and of course the Clydesdale ones,  I liked Bono, who couldn’t like him, he is the real deal.  The Dorito ones with the dogs and kids were cute as well.  I think the adds started off slow but got better as the game went on.  Half time gets a high five this year, a great crazy fun and good entertaining show.

A Superbowl Sunday to remember for sure.  We thank our hosts and hope your celebration was fun as it was meant to  be.

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