New year, new blog site

I stopped blogging just before Christmas. You know how it is, Christmas was coming, I wasn’t ready, something had to go.  I also wondered if you were ready,  and how much you really cared if I blogged or not.  So, I didn’t.  But now it’s a whole new year, I have a new blog address and  am ready to start again. I will continue to take you places you may or may not have been to and tell you stories of our adventures.  Sometimes I will throw in some family time here at home, like on this blog.  Take a peak at our celebrations.

First there is the Christmas Tree.  At our house it goes up the weekend after Thanksgiving and comes down January 6th.  This year I have noticed a lot of “theme” trees.  I saw a snowman tree, a gold tree, a red tree and a craft tree to name a few.  Our tree has the same “reason for the season” theme every year.  Can you spot it?  I love these ornaments with pictures of the Christmas story inside the letters.


The big day arrives ready or not, and gifts galore are sometimes given in fun to make laughing a big part of the day.  Here I have a pair of baby shoes with money to buy a pair that I would choose.  The baby shoes went to my brand new niece.


Would everyone please pay attention for the family picture, Gina is setting up the camera to do a timed self photo.

practice shot                                                                                   Doggone!       OK, one more time

DSCF3019      DSCF3022

Flash, flash, flash, beep, beep, “Jake, take off the hat,” ” Pop look at the camera.”  “POP!!  Oh well, Never mind.”


Toys for boys


All of a sudden Christmas is over and it is time to ring in the New Year.  As Christmas is for family, so New Year’s is for friends.  We started with lunch on New year’s eve.


We took in a couple of shows at a local church two blocks from the square in town.  The first one featuring hit tunes from across the decades performed by a Children’s Theater group, then enjoyed hot cider and cookies before walking around town and listening to a Celtic band bringing in the new year with an Irish Jig.  And we couldn’t forget the sing along with Abe and Perry Como (AKA typical tourist) on the square.

DSCF3038                  DSCF3041

DSCF3042             DSCF3044

Let the New Year begin!!!!  Hugs and kisses all around,amid cheers and noise makers.


The fireworks show a display of lights in the sky above us, dazzling those of us below.

DSCF3048      DSCF3049

Nothing like topping off the night with some nice chilled bubbly and a toast to a wonderful New Year to all.

DSCF3050      DSCF3052

I am re-gifting a lovely wine journal to the first person who comments telling me they would rather bring in the new year with a glass of wine than a sparkling juice.   See my blog called “Looking for Lorenzo” to find out why I am giving it away.

The purpose of this post, if you haven’t guessed is to welcome you to my new site and wish all of my readers a very happy New Year.  It is much easier  to join this blog, so I hope you leave your comments and join me each week.

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5 thoughts on “New year, new blog site

  1. Congrats on your new blog site! Looks like you’ve gotten the hang of it. What’s a wine journal?

    • So glad to see you checking in. Not sure I got the complete hang of it yet. Some say they missed it on face book so I posted again tonight. A wine journal (so glad you asked) is a pretty little book that is laid out so you can “preserve those occasions (Of sharing a good bottle of wine with friends) and document your wine tasting experiences.) Do you want it? You are the first (can we say only) one to comment on my blog so you can qualify even if you didn’t say you would rather bring in the new year with wine.

      • I actually did bring in the new year with some wine, but I shall decline on the wine journal. I like wine and I like journals, but I don’t think I’ll mix the two. Thanks though!

  2. GinaG

    Would it be bad for your kid to win the wine journal? (Where on earth did you get a wine journal anyway?) Regardless, you KNOW I rang in the new year with the real deal…it was even Italian!!

    • I guess you are the winner since you are the first to respond to the question put forth for the journal. Congratulations, now you can journal your wine tastings.

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