Seasons at the Cabin

Just over 15 years ago we had the opportunity to buy into a cabin up near Snow Shoe Pennsylvania.  It has been a wonderful addition to family gatherings and a place for the guys to hang out and hunt.  Over the years Dick and Rick have made innovative improvements and now we have a great shower, electricity with a generator and water close by.  We also enjoy a gas range, a heating stove and a refrigerator that works most of the time.   So, far from being primitive, it does offer a break from the hustle and routine business of our more modern homes.  We have made wonderful friends from near by cabins and look forward to seeing them in all the familiar places in our homes away from home.

 Inside it is cozy and warm, offering a variety of mismatched furniture that holds a favorite spot for everyone. Dick gets the arm chair on the right, unless Rick beats him to it. But if Rick wants a nap he favors the couch on the left.  The kids go for the couch in the middle and mine, as you will see, is the couch on the far right, not in this picture.  Even though hunting cabins have a reputation of poorly kept man caves, this is not the case with our cabin or the neighbors with whom we are such good friends.  We are so grateful that they want to keep a great family atmosphere in our cabin neighborhood.

 Outside we often experience an early winter with a light dusting of snow coming earlier in the higher elevations and brings a touch of winter to the exhilarating fall days.  Here is the water barrel that catches rain water  used to wash dishes, showers and to flush our inside commode.
 The long road back to the cabin is a great place to walk and walk and walk. Picture, if you will, a deer standing in the middle of this road.  We have encountered a scene like that several times, but the deer is always gone before the camera comes out.  Therefore we have the only proof of that by the footprints left in the sand.

The fall leaves want to make you look up, but you also have to look down, never know what you might miss by not looking down there.
Do umbrellas really grow on trees at the cabin, or is Pop just showing off his innovative talents? One thing is for sure, a little bit of rain won’t stop the promise of steaks for
 Many hours are spent gathered around the fire ring, with lots of good chit, chat,  and some wood splitting to keep the fire going. Could David be wondering when the food will be ready?
 Summer brings hot weather and a trip to a near by creek to do some serious cooling off.
 In the evening the natives come out to play.

 Back inside it’s time to curl up with a book to read or to do some studying, which nearly always leads to
putting out some serious ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ’s

See you for our traditional Thanksgiving Dinner, cabin style.

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One thought on “Seasons at the Cabin

  1. What a great place for creating family memories. Thanks for sharing!

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