A Commonwealth Treasure in the Spring and in the Fall

On her last birthday, my youngest sister entered the retirement decade.  To celebrate she wanted to take a sisters trip. The five of us set off early one October morning, destination:  Fallingwater in Central Pennsylvania. The main attraction was to visit a vacation home built over a water fall, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and constructed in the 1930’s.  The side attraction was to see the stunning color of the leaves in mid fall.  It turned out to be a rainy day in Pennsylvania and the leaves were not stunning or at peak, but the third attraction; being together, enjoying lunch, and having all day to visit was perhaps the best of all.

So happens that I had also visited Fallingwater in the Spring with another small group of people with whom I enjoy spending time.   I thought it would be fun to compare the pictures of the same place in the Spring and in Autumn.

Besides the famous home, much of the beauty around the area can be appreciated by taking walks along the paths that wind around the property in the woodlands.

Here is the house as we approach it in the Fall.  It was designed to be a part of the natural surroundings.  The family thought they would get a view of the water fall in the woods, but designer Frank Lloyd Wright had different ideas.  He wanted to incorporate the house into the falls and built the house right over it.

Here we are approaching the house in the Spring with Kay and Tom and Harry and Linda. You know who was also with us.  That would be husband, Dick.  On that trip we did not tour the inside of the house, but spent our time walking around the outside of the structure and down many tree lined pathways.

This is the mountain creek that runs under the bridge in the above picture, and then right under the house. This would be the muted Fall look.

During the visit with the sisters we got to go inside with a tour guide, who told us the lady of the house used to sit on the bottom step in the early morning summer hours and dangle her feet in the water.

This is basically the same shot taken in the Spring, but gives a better view of the water falls which spills down over the cliff, and the trees do look different.

During the Fall visit we also learned that part of this boulder is incorporated right into the house.  Inside it protrudes through the wall and flattens out beside a fireplace.  The floors are covered with flat stones to fit in with boulder and the whole living with nature concept. 
On the Spring trip, we got to do a lot more walking around the out side of the house and here, got our one glimpse of the inside.  There are no pictures allowed of the inside of the building.

I remember when my Mother and Father went to visit this place many years ago and how they said it was so beautiful and luxurious. Can you imagine how extravagant this swimming pool might have seemed in the 1930’s?  My mom and dad could, as they lived through very hard times in the 30’s.

Here is the Fall view and the Spring view of the same area.

And the view of the waterfalls in the Spring and in the Fall.

You are now leaving Fallingwater, a Commonwealth Treasure.
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2 thoughts on “A Commonwealth Treasure in the Spring and in the Fall

  1. I think I need to visit that place! It looks beautiful in either spring or fall. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It is a super interesting place and yes, very pretty in any season.

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