Best places to stay in South Africa

Ever since our first trip to South Africa in 2002 I have always wanted to stay in smaller, family owned inn’s, guest houses, and Bed and Breakfasts.  Five star hotel rooms have nothing over the views and originality of the places we stayed in South Africa.  Luxury was never my cup of tea, just give me the necessities of life, surround it in ingenuity and the beauty of nature and I am a happy camper. In this blog you will see five of the best places we found in SA and a welcoming home.
This is the breaking free tree house at the Sycamore Ave lodge.  We girls were impressed with the beauty. The guys marveled at the handiwork of the Carpenter.

  We could only spend one night here and a few hours before and after sleep time.

The carved workmanship  was evident in every detail of these rooms, including the hinges on the doors.  The rooms were small and the stairs steep, but with a Jacuzzi on the top with a view, who cared.

 I was amazed, and slightly intimidated at this shower that was sorta out there in the middle of everywhere, but the good news was that the house itself was in the middle of nowhere.  The only thing out there was nature itself.

 Since it is so far out the family offers a light supper.  We chose a cauliflower soup with bacon bits and bread.  The texture throws you off for the first couple of bites, but from then on it was delicious and filling. The carrot cake with vanilla sauce for dessert was worth the trip.  Just check out this beautiful table and the unique chairs. And how about the wearing of the jackets while inside, and the roaring fire in the background in the middle of July? Those are the joys of being South of the equator in the winter.

 Too soon we had to be on our way, but you can be assured we were headed for some excitement.  I am pretty sure we left there to spend the entire afternoon ziplining, but that is another blog.

 This guest house is in East London, built and designed by father and son, it is unique and a lovely place to relax and refresh after a long day’s drive.

 Fruit and cereal on the porch of this safari tent B&B near George SA.  From the main house, where we had our first taste of Nando’s chicken for dinner the night before, we walked to the tent after dark and could hear the ocean pounding on the shores of the bottom of the continent.

In 2005 this beautiful guest house was immaculate and a great place to stay.  We had fun with the charming owner of this wild and wonderful Victorian house on a South African farm setting.

 The Berlyn Peacock Tavern B&B has fabulous gardens and roaming peacocks,
 a beautiful courtyard that we could only describe as exotic, 
and the rooms inside were flamboyant to say the least.  We were here in July, the coldest month of the year in 
 South Africa.  There is no heat in the houses and with our morning breakfast you could see your breath when you talked.  It may not be the greatest for the American mindset of a 4 star experience, but for us it was just the ticket for a fabulous time.
It is located within walking distance of the popular Berlin Water Falls where we watched a magnificent sunset.
This lovely B&B went out of business the year after we were there.  It was located near the Drakensburg Mountains and was an operating farm.  They continued the farming but gave up the Bed and Breakfast.  We are so glad we had the opportunity to stay here.
Here  is the view from the back yard just out side the door of this great room. I called it “almost heaven” for sure.
The last place we will visit on this blog is not a bed and breakfast.  It is the home of dear friends of ours whose families have lived in South Africa for generations.  Ouma was 98 years old when she passed from this life.  We met her when she was 95.  She is the lady who told me the story of a pride of lions that approached her home one moonlit night long ago. With her permission, I wrote it down and called it Lions in the Moonlight. It became my first published work.
 The specialty of the farm is landscaping.  Can you tell?

 Our daughter spent 4 years in South Africa and we are so happy to have been able to visit there twice. We love the people we met there, marveled at the places we stayed and were happy with what each one had to offer.  South Africa is a country to be celebrated, with so many diverse and beautiful people.

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