Wine, food and gelato – while looking for Lorenzo in Italy

The chick flick movie, Letters to Juliet, told the story of a young girl and an older woman trekking over Italy looking for the man who was her first love many years ago. They found several men, who were indeed not the one she was looking for, but in the end, she did find Lorenzo, whom she immediately fell in love with once again. It was a happy ending. 
My daughter, Gina, was determined to find me a wine I could love on our trip to Italy. It could be our own movie saga, and we were up to the task. We began in high spirits, visiting six cities in the country noted for food, wine and gelato. We called the experience “Looking for Lorenzo.” It turned out to be a harder task than looking for the men in the movie, and the results were not nearly as satisfying. The truth is I don’t like wine or any beverage with the big “A” word in it. I don’t go for the big “C”‘s as in caffeine, coffee or coke either. However, in case you’re wondering I do like Pepsi (diet, caffeine free) Pizza and Parties, and…….
I love Italy!
Our search and our trip began in Assisi, after dark, at dinner time.  We found this little family owned restaurant at the top of the long climb up narrow streets and winding paths.
Pasta and pretty wine settings awaited us. I loved the picture it made.  I was up for the old college try,
that was not the reaction Gina was hoping for.
Take me back to the deep fried mashed potato puffs and that luscious pork in gravy.
Next stop, sweet Siena, a captivating town with steep hills, three story buildings, secrets and laundry lines. I was infatuated with the laundry lines that had clothing hanging on pulleys from nearly every window.  We eyed the white plaster mannequin in the frame and wondered about the secrets she kept behind the curtain.

The famed Piazza with gelato shops on two corners was one of our first stops.  Gelato makes happy faces. In this picture it looks like we are the only ones sitting in the middle of the square but really we are not! Many people sit in this square. So we decided to get our picture taken sitting in the middle of the square. Did everyone just get up and leave us? I don’t think so. Granted, that’s what it looks like, but I promise you, it is the thing to do in the Piazza.  We did not overdose on gelato! We only had two…that day.

Just looking at this display would make your heart sing. It reminded us of another movie made in Italy with the line “Soooooooo  Happy!”  Can you guess which one?
Ah-ha!  Back to the infamous search, with dinner in a pizza shop.  How is the wine here?  Well actually I could sip this one twice, before I gave it up. It was a white sparkling wine.  We concluded that this might be Lorenzo’s cousin, but definitely not him.
Two wonderful nights in Siena and two wonderful dinners.  Everywhere you looked there was wine to be had and delightful pictures to be taken of it’s ever changing displaying varieties.
The aroma of this wine got to me even before the liquid reached my unwilling lips and my taste buds said…..
Oh brother, this is not my Lorenzo!
I didn’t choke right there in front of God and everyone, I just called for water and handed the glass back over to Gina…
and ate the pasta.
It rained in Lucca.  Bad hair day and I felt the same way about the wine.
The train took us to The Cinque Terre or five lands on the northern Mediterranean Coast.  Here we visited a couple of small towns. Corniglia had a picturesque little wine bar called Enoteca Il Pirun, boasting of wine tasting adventures. Ah-ha!  Maybe this is what we are looking for. 

The display of stemmed glasses, and distinctive bottles of multiple shapes and sizes made me want to like the wine.   
Gina tried her hand at what looked to me like guzzling.  You are supposed to pull the pitcher far from your mouth and catch the stream of wine as it tumbles down your throat.  However the bib is provided for misses that dribble down your chin and land on your chest. Mario, the bartender/owner, gave her a demonstration as to how it is done.  Let’s just say he didn’t need a bib, and Gina did.
And you could say tasting didn’t go well for me.

Here we are back in our favorite town of Manarola where the gelato kept getting better and better. Yeah, who needs Lorenzo anyway.
Leaving the coast we end our trip in Rome, doing all the movie sites we could manage in a day, along with the coliseum, complete with gladiators and crowds.
They call it bruschetta – it looks like tomatoes on toast. It tastes much better than it would if I tried to put chunks of tomato on toast.
You really want me to try this again, in a street cafe in Rome with all these people walking by?  All I can say is “Here’s to Lorenzo, wherever you are.”  I didn’t find you on this trip unless you were disguised in a……

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5 thoughts on “Wine, food and gelato – while looking for Lorenzo in Italy

  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Wanda I love your facial expressions. A toast… finding Loreno!

  3. We watched the movie last night and laughed. I have a feeling Lorenzo should be changed from wine to gelato.

  4. Hilarious! Wanda, just keep drinking pepsi… wine is clearly never going to be your thing! Have you read "Sisterchicks in Gondolas"? You would love it!

  5. Haven't read Sisterchicks in Gondolas, a book I could perhaps borrow from you?? And yes I much prefer Pepsi, diet, caffeine free. Thanks for commenting Denise and Lisa

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