come along and safari with me

In July on 2013 we took a trip to Kenya and Tanzania, this is my second blog of that trip.  There is still more to share, so I will be continuing on this theme for the next couple of weeks.
A trip to Africa should always include a safari.  We had several great safari days and half the fun is getting there. From Nairobi we went to the Masaimara which is a long and dusty road away.  We passed  a lot of these small towns and we traveled the dry country side for hours.  We watched people walking and children herding cattle and sheep over terrain that had not seen water since May.

 On our 20 hour safari in Kenya and our 12 hour one in Tanzania we saw a lot of Lion action.  This is what our guide called the honeymoon.  Here you see the kiss.

 Here is the action accompanied by a magnificent howl or growl.

And then, 13 seconds later, “See ya babe, I am outta here.”  She took a hike and laid down across the road.  He followed and laid down close by waiting for the next invitation.

 This is actually in Tanzania, by Lake Manyara, It was a nice site indeed with the Cape Buffalo, Zebra, gazelles and Pink Flamingos.

 We saw several impressive herds of the cape buffalo, which is one of the big five (hardest to hunt) in Africa. The only one of the big five that we did not see, on this trip, was the Rhino and had only a fleeting glance at a leopard.

 Next it was hippo action.  It is actually kind of rare to see one up and moving. They are usually lying in  a heap in by the edge of the water.

 It was difficult to get a picture with you and the animals in the same frame.  This is the best we could do, but the elephants are way off in the background.  We saw a ton of elephants in Tanzania.

And a ton or two of wildebeests and zebras in Kenya.  We drove through herds and herds like this.  They kicked up a storm getting out of the way of the moving vehicle. We were told there is over a million wildebeests in the Masimara and 200,000 zebra before the great migration. This was the typical scene, as far as you could see on a flat plain in any direction. Absolutely amazing!

Our last day in Kenya we
saw several hundred wildebeest swim across the Mara River, dodging crocodiles.  Certainly a highlight of the safari.

Just before this scene where we could get a few pictures we were told that a crock had grabbed one of the wildebeest, but the wildebeest got away.  When we got to watch there were no crocks and it was a clean run. So wonderful to see even a small part of this great episode of nature.

Next week more on where we stayed and our “stuck” story.  Come along and safari with me. Comments are welcomed.

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2 thoughts on “come along and safari with me

  1. What great experiences! It's amazing to see all those creatures in the "wild." You got some great photos too.

  2. Thanks Lisa, the photos are a combination on mine, Dick's and Marks. Pretty easy to get good photos because most of the time we were close enough to the action.

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