Eight guests and a dog = houseful of good memories

This is the family we visited in Peru six years ago.  They took six of us in for three days or so and blessed us with the work they are doing there and a chance to give supplies to a nearby school, not to mention the kids doubling up so we could have beds and providing us with food that consisted of the local fare of guinea pig.  For years after we left their welcoming, loving home I wished, dreamed and prayed for a day when we could give back to them.  It happened last week. 

See how the kids have grown up.  Fernando and Freddie are adults, Cesar is 18, Sonia and Brianna are 16 and Caleb is 12.  For this outing Kay and Tom and two of their grandchildren joined us.  Kay and Tom were with us when we visited Peru.

Then there was the matter of Ruby, the dog.  Dick and I are not dog owners, however, we end up dog sitting every once in a while.  So in with the mix of 6 kids and 4 adults, Ruby is suddenly thinking our house is not near as boring as it was when she first arrived.

One of our get aways was spending the day with Kay and Tom.  The girls made fast friends with their granddaughters.  We paused on the way up to the Chocolate World ride for a quick picture.

Everyone enjoyed the ride through the chocolate making process.  Dick and I were in a car with Fernando and while riding through the part with all the candy bars, he makes a quick move and hands me one.  I jumped and said “How did you get that?”  Instantly I saw the twinkle in his eye and knew he pulled it from his back pack.  The girls squealed with delight when we drove through Hershey and saw the candy kiss street lights.

Later we had lunch at the Jigger Shop in Mt Gretna and feasted on burgers and fries while enjoying live music on the deck.  The weather was cooperating wonderfully with comfortably warm temperatures.

Tim and Barb set up an office in our living room and were able to make arrangements for their trip continuing on to Ohio and Iowa.

The guys loved to play soccer and the neighbor kids were happy to accommodate them.  They turned our back yard into a soccer field many times over and this last night, they played until nearly 10pm.

Caleb and “Pop Dick” hanging out together.  Pop loves to tell his bear hunt stories to eager listeners.

Sonia celebrated her 16th birthday with us, and her mom decorated this lovely cake with a little bit of nothing we gathered up between the two of us.

Fernando saw some rabbits in our yard and longed to have one of them on his plate.  Ironically I had two in my freezer, harvested by Dick while hunting with Mark and some buddies.  I had no idea how to cook them, so I quickly offered them and he said he would cook them.  He did and we ate them, along with our roasted chicken.  He spiced and, marinated them and fried them up in a pan. They were very edible.

After each meal the dishes were quickly done and put away.  Tim says he doesn’t pack the kitchen sink when he travels, he just brings along six dish washers.  They were all a big help, to the point of never feeling stressed about cooking for 10 people for four days.  In case you are wondering, my next door neighbor who is my brother provided a bed for Tim and Barb and my nephew down the road had beds for the three older boys.  Dick and I had the three younger ones.  We thank Ken and Dean for providing bed and showers for our guests.

After a great day of sharing in church and fun at a family reunion on Sunday it was time to pack up and be on the  road again bright and early Monday morning.  What a time we had, we are thankful for the opportunity to share with them what we had.  It was a memory worth the making. 

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5 thoughts on “Eight guests and a dog = houseful of good memories

  1. Momma, I just love your writing and stories. I really enjoyed meeting them and wish we could have gotten to know them better.

  2. Thanks, Rick Your comment means a lot to me. More than you know. You would have enjoyed the family so much and am very glad you did get to meet them.

  3. I enjoyed the blog. I love to meet the all the people you and Dick have met. I just want to point out that Ruby found those bunnies for us.

  4. Good point. Thanks for the comment.

  5. Love The Blog!!!

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