Things I love about June

June is definitely one of my favorite months in the year because there are just so many special days and events that happen in June that I love.  When I think of this month with its lovely weather and many things to celebrate these are what comes to mind: 
 The very first thing is weddings.  June has always been a popular wedding month and 45 years ago I was happy to include mine on the first day of my favorite month.  Five years ago Dick and I celebrated our 40th anniversary with a Pennsylvania Pig Roast and a Hawaiian Luau all rolled into one big party. With over a hundred people in attendance from near and far, I surprised Dick by making an entrance wearing a remake of my wedding dress.  It had the desired affect on him, He broke out in a huge smile and took a step backward to give an approving glance. He in turn surprised me by having flowed leis sent in from the island for me and the three attendants who were all there.

This year, our 45th, was celebrated on a much quieter level.  We went to a nice restaurant in town for dinner and I slipped into the wedding dress remake for the first time in five years, leaving the train with the blue lining hanging in the closet.  Later we joined friends to watch the fireworks being put on by the college in town.  Why not a few fireworks for this celebration?  Couldn’t hurt.

 The next morning I was surprised again when the altar flowers at church had my name on them and I brought home this lovely arrangement of 4 white roses and 5 red ones given by my thoughtful husband who was always good at giving flowers at the right time or anytime.

 Here we are 45 years ago, in our Church in Honolulu after the ceremony.  Just a couple of kids in love.

 Speaking of roses, they are all abloom come June and these beauties below are huge and fragrant but,

 I also love these little dainty ones that climb garden walls and fences to brighten up every corner around a house.

 Strawberries, my favorite fruit, are abundant in June. I consider it my job and privlege to pick them fresh from the local fields to gorge on in season and to freeze for winter use, when I long for a taste of June in February.  I could eat a ton of them, plain, dipped in chocolate, on vanilla ice cream, 
 or sugared on shortcake.  This is my anniversary gift to Dick each year.  His first strawberry shortcake of the season.

If June is my favorite month, summer is on the top of my list for favorite seasons.  Longer days, slower pace, schools out, picnics and family gatherings are in.  Slippy sliding down Uncle Ken’s hill is the best on hot summer days.

 Everyone loves to get wet and soapy and snuggle up to a friend.

On this special family and friend day, there are carnival games in the Pine Tree Park at the foot of the hill and good times are had by all, every year.  This year will mark the 10th reunion of this wonderful addition to  family fun time.

If you know me at all, you know I love to travel, but for all the places I’ve been there is one country that is still my favorite. On June 14th we pay special tribute to the flag of The United States of America, and we proudly fly ours year round. Maybe it is just more grand flapping in the gentle breeze on a warm June evening, as opposed to the mighty winds we get here on the hill in other months.

June is dairy month!  Every farmers’ daughter knows that. It’s on my celebration list because I have always been a lover of milk and it reminds me of my cow lovin’ dad, whose birthday was also in June. There is something about cows grazing contentedly in a pasture that spells serenity on a lovely day in June.

 One of my dairy farmer dad’s favorite expressions of surprise was “holy cow!”  That is the reason I picked up this advertisement card while we were in Australia.  The card reminded me of him and if I would have had the chance to tell him we were going there he would have exclaimed—–

If you will tune into my blog next week I will tell you how we did that.  It is quite a story.
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2 thoughts on “Things I love about June

  1. Hello to all visitors, If you view my blog please leave a commment, tell me something you liked about the story or just tell me how you are doing. I would love to hear from you, even if the message is brief. Thanks Wanda

  2. Happy (belated) anniversary to a wonderful couple.

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