A Sister for Every Occasion

I have five living sisters and one that is deceased.  These gals are and have been my best friends through out my life. We love to hang out together, spend time talking on the phone, walking, shopping or just visiting. For the past three years we have had a sisters’ retreat at Don and Cindy’s cabin, where we can all be together for a weekend.  Due to physical limitations Jeannine can’t make it to the retreat, but we try to include her in someway.  This year we used a devotional she prepared.
In my 2nd book, A Wish Called Wanda,(to be released later this year) I write letters home to my Mom and sisters when I was living it up in Hawaii in my early 20’s.  So in a nod to the bygone era of letter writing, I thought I would make this blog a letter to my sisters.
Dear Sisters five,
Thank you so much for putting aside your busy life to spend time together this past weekend.  The stunning drive over Route 74 is the closest thing to a roller coaster ride in a car I can think of, but the scenery is beautiful. Viewing Pennsylvania farmland from the top of the rolling Pennsylvania hills is a great way to spend a warm, sunny morning.

I love how Crooked Oak Camp is tucked away in the woods, and invites us to get out for a walk,

just as soon as we get the pictures.

And please thank your neighbor Dawn for inviting us to after noon tea.  We were all delighted with the magnificent chocolate cake with peanut butter icing.

Seeing the beautiful deer on the farm is an added bonus and is definitely a shutter bug event.

Mealtime is fun and it is great that everyone wants to help, but you have to wonder just how many butts can you squeeze into a one butt kitchen.  From Chicken Pizza, to pulled pork and potato salad, we enjoyed so

many good meals together. I say bring on the bacon and let’s eat again.

Which sister is it that always insists on exercise because she can’t sit still?  Oh, is that me?  Nah, I think it’s Linda.  Well a little movement after all that food is a good thing.

What a treat to go out to that little Amish Restaurant for breakfast!  I’m so glad we finally got a picture with all of us, and that after two hours of driving around seeing

stately old barns,
a quaint and quiet covered bridge,
 and the 1700’s Tuscarora field stone college, that the owners of the restaurant didn’t mind us returning to flush the copious amounts of breakfast beverages we consumed.

Aren’t we lucky that the near by town has a large flea market the same Saturday we are there?  Remember last year, I bought a jar of Vicks for 75 cents.  Someone does not know its true value.

It is always a precious time to gather around God’s Word and have a concentrated time of prayer for our families.  God has blessed us in many ways and it is good to praise Him for these wonderful times together.

 Thanks, Jeannine
 Thanks, Pat
 Thanks, Linda
 Thanks, Brenda
 Thanks, Cindy.
Each of you bring something special into my life, thanks for the pictures, and the memories.  Love, Wanda
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4 thoughts on “A Sister for Every Occasion

  1. Wanda, I just love this. Sisterhood is a gift that should be treasured. Looks like you girls are living it up!

  2. What a beautiful post. This was absolutely precious. Thanks for sharing your loving family experience!

  3. thanks Lisa, so glad you liked it. How bout that sly book intro?

  4. Jessica, I just realized that my reply to you did not get published. I am so still learning this process. Thanks for your comment. I love living it up with my sisters. Wanda

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