I like to move it, move it!

 I always thought dancing was fun. I was never very graceful or good at dancing, but because it was fun I was up for participating.  In my younger years I had little opportunity to dance but that didn’t stop me from trying.  At home, with the radio up as loud as I could get away with, I would dance with the refridgerator by taking hold of the door handle and doing as many jitterbug moves as I could muster.  That would be the beginning and the end of any kind of dance lesson, unless you want to count me being a hulu school drop out.
So when the Zumbathon fundrasier for the local rescue mission was announced, my hand went up.  I raised the funds, got the t-shirt and showed up, not having a clue as to what I was doing.

I liked the Zumba immediately because it’s not about learning the dance, it’s about moving and I like to MOVE IT!  On the picture above I am the second in from the right, back row, in the blue.  You will note that I am facing the same direction as most of the others.  In the picture below I am on the far left and I have my left leg up in the air and hands up,(see instructor) so I feel like I am totally in the groove here.

I am grateful for these pictures because being in step was not always the case. I understood exactly what was supposed to be done, but as soon as it registered in my brain they were on to the next move.  I felt like the little kid in the Sunday School Choir who is always three motions behind the others.  The one everyone in the congregation is watching because he’s so cute.  I did feel like everybody was watching me, but I was positive that cute never entered their minds.  Long before the three hour marathon was over, I realized that everyone is absorbed in their own Zumba train of thought and were not the least bit concerned about me. In fact during the short breaks they would be talking about their own faults and encouraging you as you spoke of yours.

 I did have fun, tried to concentrated and do it right for a while, yielding to a move it, move it mind set later on.  When I turned right and everyone else turned left, I smiled and waved to the girl facing me and kept on moving.

 In this picture I would say we are all a little mixed up, but feeling fine. I did my three hours, ending with a stretch and a short walk.  By that time I was seeing motrin in my future. One dose, one nap and one good nights sleep was all I needed for recovery.  Oh, did I mention that I was as hungry as a horse?

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